How to get a NIE Part 2


Antonio Guillen- Spanish lawyer and English solicitor

How to get a NIE Part 2

Antonio Guillen – Spanish Lawyer & Solicitor tells us about the “famous” NIE numbers that everyone doing business or investing in Spain has heard about.

In our first video on this topic we talked about the different ways to obtain a Spanish NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero in Spanish). If you have seen our first video you will remember that the different ways were as follows:

  • In person at the Police Station in Spain
  • At one of the Spanish Consulates in the UK
  • By giving power of attorney to a lawyer or a friend/relative

In this video we cover one of the ways of applying for a NIE and the one that most of our clients choose: granting power of attorney to a lawyer to get the NIE number on his or her behalf.

This video explains the procedure, timings and peculiarities of this option. An option that can prove advantegous in those cases where the client does not necessarily have to travel to Spain i.e. an inheritance. Also helpful in those cases where the client is buying a property in Spain but cannot travel to that country for the NIE between exchange of contracts and completion.

As always, this is only for guidance purposes but it cannot replace the advice received on a specific consultation where the lawyer instructed can analyse all the elements of the transaction. Please feel free to view our video and if you have any questions do not hesitate to



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Spanish Will or an English Will?


Spanish Wills vs English Wills.- A useful video on the different options that a person owning property in Spain has in terms of Wills.

Do you own property in Spain? If you do, it is always convenient to have a Will in place to ensure that the property goes to the relatives or persons you would like them to inherit it. As you will see in this article, there are several options which include granting a Will in your home country or a specific Will in Spain. There advantages and disadvantages in each option and here Antonio Guillen, dual qualified Spanish lawyer and English Solicitor as well as former Honorary Consul for Spain in Manchester, will mention some of them.

For instance, did you know that the administration of a Spanish estate when there is a Spanish Will in place takes an average of 3 months? On the other hand, when there is no Spanish Will the administration process can take as much as 12 months. It´s a big difference as you can see!

As usual, this video cannot replace the complete full advice that you would get if you meet or consult with a Spanish lawyer but it will serve as good guidance to understand a little bit better the different options available.


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