Spanish Family Law Talks for Law firms.

Spanish Family Law Talks for Law firms. Partner Claudia Font, talked about Spanish law / Spanish Family Law at Stowe Family Law LLP in Leeds.

Spanish Family Law Talks for Law firms.

As part of our series of talks on Spanish Family Law and cross border UK-Spain Family Law, Partner Claudia Font attended last month Stowe Family Law llp in Leeds to talk about Divorce in Spain. Essentially focusing on the following topics:

  • Main requirements to file for Divorce (or Separation) in Spain.
  • Points to cover within the Divorce proceeding in Spain.
  • Applicable law to the patrimonial regime, to the divorce, to the filiation and parental responsibility and to the maintenance pensions.
  • Different matrimonial property regimes
  • Different types of Divorce proceedings
  • Impact of Brexit on UK/Spain divorce proceedings and enforcement.

We also discussed about a Case Study:

John (British) and Maria (Spanish, born in Barcelona).
John met Maria in Barcelona, and they married in Mallorca 20 years ago.
They moved to London where they lived for 11 months only.
Then they decided to move to Spain.
John and Maria had a boy who is now 12 years old, and they have lived in Barcelona 19 years.
No pre-nup were signed.
What was the applicable law to the divorce, to the patrimonial regime and to the maintenance of the kid?

Check if firm could benefit from one of our talks:

  • Do you have clients who are married to a Spanish citizen?
  • Have you ever had matters that involve an element of Spanish Law/Spanish jurisdiction?
  • BREXIT – Transition period: key recommendations to UK clients married or divorced to a Spanish citizen.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a Spanish Family Law Talk for your firm or Family Law department.  Minimum attendees:6.

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