Can I apply for Spanish passport ?

Can I apply for Spanish passport ?

Over the past few days, two more clients have been granted Spanish nationality while retaining their British citizenship.

They had a Spanish father, never had Spanish passport but now they do and therefore, after the 31st of December, they will have an EU passport.

If you are the son or the daughter of a Spanish father you are likely to qualify for Spanish nationality. You should be considered Spanish by origin but if you never had Spanish passport you might have lost Spanish nationality. However, you should be able to apply for its recovery. If it is your mother who is Spanish and you were born after 1978 the situation is the same. However, if you were born before 1978 from a Spanish mother, you should be able to opt for Spanish nationality. The proceeding is similar but not the same. Feel free to contact us so we can explain the main differences and how you can, in some cases retain your British citizenship. This is a process you can do on your own by contacting the Spanish Consulate. However, we are helping clients who qualify for Spanish nationality to deal with the application process.

You can watch this video from our YouTube channel Spanish Solicitors in the UK for more info.Spanish passport

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