How to incorporate a Spanish Company


How to incorporate a Spanish Company by a UK Ltd company.

Some UK Ltd companies trading in Spain are considering incorporating a Spanish subsidiary or affiliate due to BREXIT.

Following previous article published at Liverpool Law Society and Liverpool Chamber of Commerce (see link), here a VIDEO for an easy and quick overview.

The majority of UK companies who are relocating their headquarters or subsidiaries to Europe due to Brexit, are going to cities such as Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin and Amsterdam, however, a few of them have chosen Spain as their destination, mainly those with commercials interests in that country.  British investment in the Spanish economy is growing significantly, according to Spanish government figures. According to the Institute of Export & International Trade, Spain is an important market and business partner for the UK. “It is the UK’s  8th largest export market (9th for goods).

How your company should proceed to incorporate a company in Spain?

On this video, you will find some key points that might prove of help.
The similar figure in Spain to a UK Limited company would be a “Sociedad Limitada (S.L.)” i.e. Spanish company where the
shareholders have limited liability as they do in a Ltd company in the UK.
In most of the cases we are dealing with, the UK company will be the only shareholder of the Spanish company.
To incorporate a Spanish SL by a single shareholder which is a UK Ltd. Watch the video to see which are the main steps to follow.

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