Annual Symposium in Oxford

Discover the Best Legal Symposium of the Year: gunnercooke LLP annual Symposium in Oxford.

Join Partners Antonio Guillen and Claudia Font along with their Oxford team.

Set against the prestigious backdrop of the University of Oxford, providing an idyllic setting for attendees to learn, network, and celebrate their firm’s anniversary. In addition, Oxford’s beautiful gardens, historic buildings, and rich academic history make it a unique destination. As a result, the symposium at Oxford provided an unforgettable experience for out Partners one more time.

Set against the backdrop of the prestigious University of Oxford, our symposium offers an unparalleled opportunity for learning, networking, and commemorating our firm’s anniversary. Moreover, Oxford’s captivating gardens, historic edifices, and esteemed academic legacy create a truly distinctive atmosphere. It’s an experience our Partners cherish year after year.

gunnercooke’s symposiums consistently unfold at the magnificent University of Oxford. Over 300 partners convene to glean fresh insights, exchange knowledge, and fortify connections. Additionally, as a top legal event in the legal calendar, our symposium showcases esteemed speakers like Mary Potas and Professor Steve Peters, who captivate audiences with their enriching talks.

The Spanish Desk team, led by Antonio Guillen, Claudia Font, and Julie Fargues, was also present. Discover more about their expertise and contributions by following the provided link.

Keen to learn more about gunnercooke LLP’s Spanish Desk team? Click here to meet Antonio Guillen, Claudia Font, and Julie Fargues. They are first class professionals ready to assist you with all your legal needs in Spain. Whether you’re eyeing expansion into Spain or seeking guidance on legal matters, our Spanish Desk team stands ready to support you.
Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how gunnercooke LLP can help you realize your legal objectives.
Annual Symposium in Oxford

Spanish Solicitors in Oxford. gunnercooke's annual Symposium

gunnercooke’s annual Symposium

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