How to get a Spanish NIE- Part I

Antonio Guillen- NIE

Antonio Guillen – Spanish Lawyer & Solicitor answers one of the most frequently asked questions we have: How to get a NIE number

In this video Antonio Guillen talks about the “famous” NIE numbers that everyone doing business or investing in Spain has heard about.

There are three different options to obtain a Spanish NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero in Spanish):

  • First one, going to one of the Spanish Consulates in the UK. You will have to wait weeks or even months because of the long waiting list and the high volume of work the Spanish Consulates have.
  • Second option, going to one of the Police Station in Spain. However, you must travel to Spain and might come back two weeks later to get the NIE number.
  • Third option, granting Power of Attorney to a Spanish Lawyer or a relative/friend. In this option, your attorney will be able to get your NIE number on your behalf. We will talk about this possibility in a future post.

As we mentioned, the NIE number will be needed for any paramount transaction in Spain, for instance buying or selling property, inheriting a property from a relative or buying a car.

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