Short message to Private Client Solicitors.


Short message to Private Client Solicitors. How we can help you when you are dealing with a client with a Spanish asset.

Have you ever dealt with an estate where it appears to be an asset located abroad, in particular in Spain? We are sure that from time to time, when assisting your clients with an estate, or drafting their Wills, you realise that there is an asset in Spain and you might not be sure how to include it on the Will, whether it would be better to put a separate Spanish Will, or when dealing with an estate, how to transfer the asset onto the beneficiaries. Spanish law it certainly is very different from English law and being able to collaborate with a dual-qualified Spanish Lawyer, who understand how the Probate works in the UK as well as can assist with the transfer of the assets in Spain using either the English Will or a Spanish Will can be of assistance.

Claudia Font

Spanish Private Client Solicitors

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